Frank Weglarz: The Master of Project Estimation

Frank WeglarzFrank Weglarz is often associated with HVAC Inc. as a specialist. He is the type of a leader who can do almost everything, but he still seeks the help of his members. As the owner of the company, he is detail-oriented and gives careful attention to daily operations. He is not a typical boss who simply stays in his office and waits for updates. He is one of the workers who actively perform the current tasks.

Before Frank’s name was introduced to the crowd, he invested on proper education. He studied at Rolling Meadows High School where he acquired background information about various subjects. On the other hand, he finished college at Augustana College and earned a degree in Finance. Being busy is not an issue for Frank. In fact, he was able to effectively manage his schedule on extra-curricular activities such as Track & Field, and Football. In 2005, he was also the Student director and main leader for Children’s Hospital. The collaborative effort resulted to acquisition of additional funds for the sick children. Frank has a passion for helping the needy.

He had an experience to work at a company named “Heating Company.” He is a very effective project estimator. Frank addresses HVAC-related solutions such as hot water (tank less system). He is a very hardworking man and has the ability to supervise everything. Considering his expertise in management, marketing, strategic planning, and team building, Frank is truly competent on his career. Customers are fully satisfied whenever they ask the help of Frank. His HVAC solutions are reliable and useful.

Frank WeglarzThe “Heating Company” benefited a lot from the fresh ideas and flexible approach of Frank Weglarz. There was high recorded sales and outstanding control on the entire organization. Since his first day at work, he never gives a problem to the company. He is very consistent on showing professionalism and eagerness. He is an excellent project estimator who remains humble despite of the positive feedback and appreciations he gets. For him, humility and patience are also key factors on maintaining success. Without the two, success might be temporary.

Like Frank Weglarz, young generation must put greater consideration on education than unnecessary activities. Just try to see how far Weglarz had reached for being determined and passionate on his field. He never stops improving himself to give the best service for everyone. As time advances, he learns new things and uses them effectively.

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